Best Artificial Intelligence innovations in India

India has made significant strides in the field of AI innovation in recent years, with many startups and established companies driving innovation in this field. Here are some notable AI innovations from India:

  1. Niramai: Niramai is an AI-powered breast cancer screening tool that uses thermal imaging to detect cancer cells. The tool is non-invasive and can detect cancer cells at an early stage, increasing the chances of successful treatment.
  2. Haptik: Haptik is an AI-based chatbot platform that provides customer service and support for businesses. The platform uses natural language processing to understand customer queries and provide relevant responses, improving customer satisfaction and reducing response time.
  3. is an AI-based chatbot that provides personalized shopping and payment solutions for users. The chatbot uses machine learning algorithms to understand user preferences and provide recommendations, improving the overall shopping experience.
  4. SigTuple: SigTuple is an AI-powered medical diagnostic platform that uses image recognition algorithms to detect abnormalities in medical images. The platform can be used to detect diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and diabetic retinopathy, improving the accuracy and speed of diagnosis.
  5. Staqu: Staqu is an AI-powered criminal identification platform that uses image recognition and video analytics to identify criminals from CCTV footage. The platform is used by law enforcement agencies to solve crimes and identify suspects.

These are just a few examples of the many AI innovations coming out of India. The country has a vibrant startup ecosystem and a large pool of skilled AI professionals, which bodes well for future AI innovation in the country.